Me with Dad and Mom

I’m the eldest of four children – yes, that’s me at my First Christmas with Dad and Mom – born to a father from Texas and a mother from Barcelona.  I grew up in a small town in southern Pennsylvania, and attended the local Catholic schools.  I went on to earn my undergraduate degree at Georgetown, my J.D. at Notre Dame, and my Master’s at Sotheby’s Institute in London.  Since 2002 I have lived and worked in Washington, D.C.

My experience with media continues to grow, and over the past few years I have been lucky enough to gain experience in blogging, social media, podcasting, videocasting, television, and public speaking. In 2008 I began my primary blog, the “Blog of the Courtier”, where I write about about cultural and societal topics several days a week.  The following year, I began a side project called “Catholic Barcelona”, which has eighty separate entries about the city of Barcelona’s historic churches, monasteries, and chapels, in English, which has been a resource for many people around the world visiting that city. And in 2012, I became a co-host of the weekly “Catholic Weekend” show on SQPN, the Star Quest Production Network, discussing news of the day and everyday life from a Catholic perspective.


Appearing on BBC News for a panel discussion

In 2013 I appeared on international television for the first time, as a panelist on BBC World News discussing the election of Pope Francis.  I was invited to live-tweet the Media Research Center’s annual William F. Buckley Awards Gala here in Washington, and hosted the closing panel discussion of the annual Catholic New Media Conference, which was held in Boston this past year. And by way of complete contrast, I was also voted #11 in the “Top 20 Sexiest Men in Conservative New Media” for 2013 by a panel of prominent conservative female journalists and activists.

So far in 2014, in February I was honored to be asked to live-tweet the annual Red White and Blue Gala here in Washington, on behalf of the evening’s hosts the American Principles Project.  After two years on the air, I decided after much reflection to step down as a co-host of the Catholic Weekend show to pursue other projects.  I remain close and grateful to the people at SQPN for both giving me a shot, and having taught me so much.

In March, I was contacted by the Delegation of the Catalan Government to the United States, asking me to help them promote the visit of the Escolania boys’ choir from the Abbey of Montserrat in Catalonia, Spain to the United States, which I did both through blog posts and on Twitter.  The event was a huge success, and I even got to sit and chat with the Spanish Ambassador during the concert. And for the fourth time since I started blogging with them, the editors at WordPress selected one of my blog posts to feature on their “Freshly Pressed” page, as being particularly worth reading and sharing.