From The Federalist: Tintoretto at the National Gallery

My latest bit of art criticism for The Federalist is out this morning. This time, I’m reviewing the National Gallery of Art’s major new exhibition on the work of the Venetian Renaissance master Tintoretto (1518-1594). I should say exhibitions, plural, because in addition to the main show looking at his development and breadth of output as a painter, there are additional exhibitions at the museum on drawing – both Tintoretto’s own and that of his contemporaries – as well as on 16th century Venetian prints that were circulating in his studio at the time.

If you find yourself in the Nation’s capital in the next couple of months, Gentle Reader, you will definitely want to visit this show. For one thing, from a logistical perspective mounting something like this is next-to-impossible to attempt in the U.S. more than once in a lifetime, given the sheer size of many of Tintoretto’s paintings, plus the fact that the majority of his work is still in Venice and cannot be moved. Whether you’re able to make it to DC or not however, be sure to check out the NGA’s excellent documentary film on Tintoretto’s life and work, narrated by Stanley Tucci, which you can watch on their YouTube channel.


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