A Holy Week Gift from La Sagrada Familia

Just a brief post today to let you know that there will be no art news reporting or commenting from me this week, as this is Holy Week and my thoughts are elsewhere. I hope that my readers and subscribers will understand my not wanting to post during the Paschal Triduum, in particular. That being said, I did want you to be aware of something which is now available for you to watch whenever you like through Easter Monday:

The Basilica of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is currently at a virtual standstill, both in terms of religious services as well as its ongoing construction. Nevertheless, they’ve just released a filmed version of last year’s version of their annual Holy Week light and sound presentation on their YouTube channel. The display centers around the Passion Façade of the church, illuminating the sculptures and architectural spaces that take us from the Last Supper to the Resurrection, and mixing in readings from scripture, spiritual reflections, and appropriate music.

Even if you don’t speak Catalan, don’t worry: the progress of the story will be familiar to many of you, so the presentation will be more of a visual and musical experience. It’s essentially a gift from the Basilica not only to the suffering people of the city where it sits, but also to the world. For Christians, this is a very strange and difficult Holy Week, so anything that can bring us together to reflect on matters greater than the present calamity, and which serves to provide us with hope no matter what happens, is a great gift indeed.

Be well, stay home, and look for new posts after Easter.


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