William Newton is a lawyer, writer, and commentator who lives in Washington DC. He is the Art Critic for the online magazine The Federalist, and since 2008 has been covering the arts, culture, and religion on his own site, Blog of the Courtier. His writing has appeared in several US and UK online publications.

In recent years Newton has been asked to appear on podcasts discussing topics from art and architecture to cinema and Catholic news. He was once invited to be a panelist for a BBC show about the election of Pope Francis. However, as he was not asked to return following his appearance, his television career is most likely at an end.

The eldest of four highly opinionated children born to an American father and a Catalan mother, Newton grew up in a small town in southern Pennsylvania, and attended Catholic schools there. He did his undergraduate degree in international politics at Georgetown, his JD at Notre Dame, and his Masters in Art Business at Sotheby’s in London, before returning to settle in Washington.

You can read some of his thoughts posted on the go by following his Twitter account, or see pictures of The Cat (and other things) over on his Instagram page.