The eldest of four equally opinionated, outspoken children, I was born to a Father from Texas and a Mother from Barcelona. I grew up in a small town in southern Pennsylvania, and attended Catholic schools there. I went on to earn my undergraduate degree at Georgetown, my JD at Notre Dame, and my Masters at Sotheby’s in London.  Since 2002 I have lived and worked in Washington, DC.

My writing is fairly broad in scope, covering everything from art and architecture to Catholicism and popular culture. I am frequently acerbic, particularly when it comes to relativism, but I often try to find the good in what might otherwise appear to be a complete mess. Above all, I hope to encourage people of good will to take heart, and keep learning, so as to better themselves and better the world around them.

You can read some of my thoughts on the go by following my Twitter account, or see pictures of The Cat (and other things) over on my Instagram page.