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Art News Roundup: American Spirit Edition

In case you missed it, my latest for The Federalist was published yesterday, in which I reviewed the new exhibition, “Edward Hopper and the American Hotel”, which just opened at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond. After a long run in Richmond through late February, it will move on to Indianapolis until late summer of 2020, so those of you in the … Read More Art News Roundup: American Spirit Edition

The Witching Hour

Whether you’re talking about late-17th century Salem, or mid-20th century DC, people love a good witch hunt. In the Massachusetts colony, the fear of witchcraft was just as real to the people of that time, as the fear of insidious Communism was to people in the age of the Red Scare. Like worshiping the Devil, a practice of which Communism is merely a modern … Read More The Witching Hour